Broadcom to Put Sling on a Chip

This morning the silicon chip manufacture Broadcom announced a joint venture with EcoStar the owners of SlingMedia to bring the SlingPlayer to embedded systems. The announcement means box manufactures will be able to embed the new chip into their set top boxes and get fully SlingPlayer functionality.  Some very interesting news there, hopefully we will be able to see something out of CES using this new […]

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Roku Announces Over the Top on Stick


If your display is more than a year old, you know what it’s like to have been left behind by the OEM’s Over the Top (OTT) platform. It’s not hard to fix that by putting a Roku or other OTT streamer next to the display, but in some places (like a slim wall mount, bedroom, etc.) it can be difficult […]

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I’m Getting a New (sort of) TV

While I already got my Christmas wish and have been loving my new Silverstone GD05B. What I really wanted, but just didn’t have the budget for, was a new and bigger TV as my 32 inch LG 32FZ4D-UA wasn’t really the ideal size.Well thanks to a failing color wheel and dimming light bulb my wish has come true. While visiting my in-laws […]

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TIVO and AT&T Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Regardless of how you feel about the state of the patent system here in the US, the fact still remains that most of the time the parties who are the most susceptible to litigation for patent infringement are the same parties who hold the most patents in that particular field. In the most recent example of this truism AT&T and […]

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Mid-Season Premiers. Is your DVR ready?

This week we can welcome back new episodes of our favorite TV shows, and some new ones. There is a nice guide to when your favorite shows are starting back up and when new mid-season ones show up. Check out the calendar and set your HTPC up to record at least one episode of some new ones, how else are you […]

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A 1.5 inch Thick HTPC from Tranquil PC

Hopefully this new years news is a sign of things to come. Tranquil PC has recently announced a new HTPC design, the  MMC-12 Media Center. The system measures in at just 1.5 inches thick and packing a core i3 processor, 4 gigs of ram, 80 GB hard drive, running Windows 7 home premium. Not a bad package if you ask me, […]

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Home Theater Sound Tips to Remember

Home Theater Sound Tips To Remember You may be happy with all aspects of your home theater…except for the sound. If you haven’t been completely happy with your sound, that’s okay. There are plenty of sound tips that can be used within your home theater to ensure you have the best sound possible. Best of all, the tips provided aren’t […]

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ASRock A75M-ITX Motherboard Reviewed


ASRock has been a solid supporter of AMD CPUs over the last couple of years as evidenced by their high-end Fatality-branded motherboards. ASRock has also been a solid supporter of the Mini-ITX format. The A75M-ITX brings AMD and Mini-ITX together in one compact package. The lack of overclocking support shouldn’t be much of an issue for anyone looking for an […]

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Guide to Building a Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server

If building a home server is on your to-do list for the new year, then perhaps a little how-to guide is just what you need to get started. I’m not sure about all of the hardware choices made for this particular guide. Intel Xeon processors tend to carry a price premium that isn’t really warranted for a WHS box, though […]

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