Wi3 is bringing a new option for MoCA connectivity – CES 2012

There was a booth setup in a small little corner of the Eureka section of CES. It was from a company called Wi3. They are offering a home solution that you install a box into your house and using MoCA specs you can send wireless and make a AP or you can send Ethernet, or you can send HDMI connections. The best part of this company after talking to their engineer they are trying to take this beyond just sending interent, they are incorporating thin clients, and roku boxes into these to make them a portable home solution.

These boxes work as better then most because they come as two parts. You install the main box in the back and it connects to your COAX connection and that will stay in your wall. The best part of this system is the main part is a removable cartrige that is swappable and upgradable. If they come out with an upgrade or a new type, you just pull out the cartrige and you pop in the new cartrige. There is a lot of potential for this product and with them staying with the MoCA alliance they can continue to develop and enhance thier product.