Seagate 3TB Barracuda (1TB Platters) Review Roundup

Building on the announcement about the latest line of Barracuda’s from yesterday, I managed to find a few reviews of the 3TB model.  Everyone seems pretty impressed with this 3 platter monster’s performance.  However, it’s currently being advertised at nearly $300, so I think most people around here (myself included) will be waiting for the price to drop a little.  One very nice thing pointed out in the reviews is that this drive comes with a FIVE year warranty.  I am quite anxious to start replacing my 1TB drives, but not at anywhere near that price point!

Here are some reviews of the drive:


Benchmark Reviews

Storage Review

Hardware Canucks

  • I just checked and CDW

    I just checked and CDW (normally, a fairly reasonably priced retailer) has this drive going for nearly $500!!!  Surprised  The sad part is that if you use Google Shopping and search for it, CDW’s price falsely shows them selling it for “just” $180.  Talk about sticker shock once you get to the store!  Yell  I know it happens, but that stuff just ticks me off.

    • Hard drive prices are all

      Hard drive prices are all messed up everywhere right now because of the flooding in Thailand. 

    • You just happened to catch

      You just happened to catch the Google Shopping price before it was indexed again. This is what happens with commodities. You might be waiting until spring for the HDD prices to come back down.

  • I know.  Doesn’t mean I have

    I know.  Doesn’t mean I have to like it and keep my mouth shut about it, though.  LOL!  Cool