AerodromMCE brings Airplay to Window Media Center

One feature that some Media Center users would love to take advantage of is Apple AirPlay. There are already some Windows based AirPlay receiver applications and one of those is Aerodrom. The same developers of Aerodrom have now released a Media Center Add-in that integrates their Aerdrom application and brings it into Media Center adding the ability to play media from your iPhone and iPad directly into Media Center.

If you have an Apple TV Airplay is a great way to deliver media to your TV from an iOS device. If you want Airplay to work with Windows you ca use  Aerodrom  and now you can fully integrate Windows Media Center with AerodromMCE. The addin for Windows Media Center enables video and audio playback from Airplay so you can browse videos on the iPad or iPhone and send them directly into Windows Media Center. 



  • Downloaded software and

    Downloaded software and installed on PC… No errors or issues during install…

    My issue, running iPhone 4 and iPad with ios5 and unable to test Airplay… I recall being on older firmware, 4.x.x, and other vendor worked…  I wonder if this is the same issue?..  No AirPlay on ios5 for legacy devices, in order to get functionality you/we might have to downgrade legacy device to older firmware.