Seas0nPass Ready to Jailbreak Your Apple TV 4.4, Apple Ready to Brick Your Apple TV 4.4

Apple TV

Apple unleashed a flood of updates last week, including an update to Apple TV bringing the little streamer up to version 4.4. Some Apple TV fans who were quick to apply the 4.4 update were disappointed to find that a bug was requiring that the Apple TV be connected to a computer after applying the update. Apple tried to respond quickly with a fix, version 4.4.1. Evidently that isn’t working out so well.

Shortly following the update’s release, some users reported that the 4.4.1 update “bricked” their units, requiring connection to iTunes for a restore, according to Mac Rumors. The update has since been pulled, at least on a temporary basis.


Never fear, though. We are not confined to relying on Apple’s updates as the Seas0nPass jailbreak utility has been updated to support Apple TV 4.4 (and 4.4.1). Unfortunately, it sounds like Seas0nPass is not without its own issues at the moment.

Unfortunately, this initial 4.4 Apple TV jailbreak requires the aTV be tethered  to a computer at boot. An annoyance, yes. But not a deal breaker. Which brings us to the fairly critical plugins which fail to work under the update… including XBMC.

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