Media Browser Version 2.5.1 (Hydra SP1) Released

It’s been less than a month since Media Browser 2.5 (Hydra) was released, but evidently she has already sprouted another head. There are a variety of bug and feature fixes that make the upgrade a no-brainer, as the Media Browser team has made sure to point out.

Note: Everyone should upgrade. There is no reason to run 2.5.0

Changes from 2.5.0 (Hydra):

  • Fix performance issues on extenders
  • Improve automatic refreshing of items when MB is running
  • Fix a few more issues with the Now Playing Viewport
  • Fix a few alignment issues and an old problem with TV ratings
  • Resumable items won’t be marked watched until watched past min resume point
  • Don’t clear the resume point when manually toggling watched status
  • ValidationDelay setting in config file is now depricated (it will have no effect)

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