Media Browser 2.5.3 (Apollo SP1) Released

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Media Browser has received a minor update, bringing the popular media management plugin for Windows Media Center to version 2.5.3. The update is focused on bug fixes rather than new features. For instance there is a fix for memory leaks in the Media Browser service and a couple of fixes to ensure that podcasts and TV episodes show up correctly under different circumstances. One neat new feature is the ability to sort by MPAA rating, a feature that I would have really appreciated when my kids were first learning how to run the living room remote control. There are also some changes to how Media Browser plug-ins are stored. As one would expect, the change should occur in the background while transitioning to the new version, but be sure to check out the complete release notes if you get an error.

Version 2.5.3 is now available on the main Download page.

Not much in the way of features in this release but some important bug fixes including:

  • Fix for last added lists containing TV outside of the normal file structure
  • Podcasts now show in last added lists properly

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