Popcorn Hour C200 Finally Released, Unboxed


After some great buzz and some initial delays in production it appears that the Popcorn Hour has finally finished production on their elusive C200 extender device. Geektonic and MediaSmartServer.net appear to be the first on the scene and got their hands on one. Still just some initial reviews, but look for something super technical from Brent in a bit.



The rear of the unit shows the many ports as well as the fan grill. HDMI, Component Video, S-Video, Composite, Stereo Analog Audio, SPDIF, Optical and Coaxial Digital Audio and even two more USB ports along with the power port.



Once everything was taken out of the packaging, I was able to inventory all the parts. Included (aside from the C-200) is a power cord, HDMI cable, 2 AAA batteries, 1 RF Remote, an RF antenna, some screws for mounting a ROM drive, and a quick start guide. The RF remote may be a concern as many people rely on IR to use all their devices with a universal remote. Popcorn Hour does offer a separate IR receiver with remote for USD 12.00 which should allow universal remotes such as the Harmony to interact.