HDI demo 100-inch 3D 1080p laser TV


Not at all sure what to make of this, but seems pretty cool. Of course, no pricing but you can expect anything 100 inches to cost a small fortune.



The lasers are installed in a custom module, which combines 1W red, green and blue units, and paired with LCoS panels from Microdisplay; together, they’re good enough for 300 nits of brightness and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Overall power consumption is said to be around 150W. There’s no word on pricing nor availability estimates for the HDI display, but given the various technologies they’re using we can’t imagine it’ll be a cheap home theater setup. Still, if you’re desperate to reach out and touch your favorite film star, and not get a headache while you do so, you could always sell organs until you have enough cash.