New: Beyond TV 4.6: Vista support, faster search, and more


I love the smell of new releases in the morning. BeyondTV has updated their 4.x version to 4.6, which in addition to now being fully supported in Vista, has some other items. I wonder if it works on x64 Vista?? Here's some of the new features:

  • Vista support: Beyond TV now works under Vista, bringing unique SnapStream features like SmartSkip
    and ShowSqueeze to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.
    Vista compatibility also means that Beyond TV is now 100% compatible
    with Windows Media Player 11
  • Faster search:
    Our built-in search has been completely re-engineered so that searches
    by title or keyword (ie actor, actress, description) are more accurate
    and nearly instantaneous.
  • Faster Web Admin: Beyond TV’s built-in web interface is much faster — in some places 10x faster.
  • Improved DivX support:
    DivX playback has been re-written, for those of you who might have had
    trouble with it, and we’ve also updated DivX playback to version 6.4.
    As an added bonus, the web admin now supports the DivX Web Player, so your DivX TV shows can easily be streamed over the network.
  • Better DVD Burning Support: we worked with our partner to root out some nasty bugs in their DVD burn engine. If you had problems with Beyond TV’s DVD Burning Plug-in before, try it again.
  • Bug fixes, bug fixes and more bug fixes:
    PC DVR can be complex, as some of you who have built your own DVRs
    know. Beyond TV 4.6 addresses more than 50 other bugs that, we think,
    make it the most feature rich AND stable and reliable PC DVR out there.

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