Share Recorded TV with other Media Centers / Domain Version

We all want some sort of client/server architecture for MCE. Having multiple standalone MCE machine sfor 4 TV's is just not practical. Plus, it is rather annoying to have to hack solutions together for things like sharing folders and concurrent sessions. That said, at least there is a solution for sharing recorded folders with other folders, it is not elegant but it works.

From the article:

One such benefit of a domain is the ability to grant computer accounts
permissions like we do for regular users.  The reason for allowing
anonymous users access to the recorded tv share for non-domain members
is becuase the Media Center services run as the local system account. 
The local system account, like is sounds, only has access to resources
on it's own machine, so granting anonymous access was required to
allow Media Center to access the remote share.  Well not so true in a
domain environment, each computer in a domain is represented by a
computer account, which like a user account can have permissions
granted or denied to it.