Buffalo to Release HD-DVD Drive for PCs

So I had to do the math, but 38,850 Yen comes to around $340. Not too shabby…but still more expensive than the Microsoft HD-DVD player, which can probably work on your PC as well as your 360. And you gotta install it in your case, and blah blah. But still, good to see some of these finally coming out. Not like you've made a choice between Blu-Ray or HD-DVD yet, have you?

Google Translated text, so bare with it:

The corporation buffalo sells the built-in type HD DVD-ROM drive “HDV-ROM2.4FB” for PC of ATAPI connection late December in. As for price 38,850 Yen. As for correspondence OS after Windows XP SP2. The COPP corresponding driver is needed for the video card. Image the case where it outputs digitally with DVI/HDMI display and the video card which correspond to HDCP become necessary. 

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