Monster Central Control System AVL 300


Would you spend $200 extra for a remote that can control your lights? That's the question Monster is hoping you'll say yes to. It's a slightly redesigned Harmony 890 remote, with some home automation (ok, just lights) thrown in. It's cool for sure, but are you gonna drop $600 on this? 

A brand new plasma (or LCD if that's your thing) hanging on the way
with no AV equipment in sight. In fact, your entire collection is
hidden away in a former linen closet your stole from the wife. But yet
when you hit "watch TV" on the remote, everything clicks on just like
they were in front of you. The equipment is safe and sound behind
closed doors but it operates just like if it was right in plain view.
Thanks to the AVL 300 use of Z-Wave wireless technology, this image
could be your house.

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