Best HD Discs of the Year

Happy Friday! I tried viewing the actual article, but for some reason it wouldn't load. Luckily, Gizmodo's page loads just fine. They reference an article from HighDefDigest with their opinions on the best HD Discs of the year, so make sure they're on your Christmas list.

•Batman Begins (HD-DVD)
•The Bourne Supremacy (HD-DVD)
•Casablanca (HD-DVD)
•The Devil Wears Prada (Blu-Ray)
•Hulk (HD-DVD)
•Mission: Impossible III (HD-DVD and Blu-ray)
•Ray (HD-DVD)
•Superman Returns (HD-DVD and Blu-ray)
• V for Vendetta (HD-DVD)
•World Trade Center (HD-DVD and Blu-ray)

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