Setting up HDMI on your HDTV – nVidia vs. AMD

TweakTown has a nice little article comparing the difference between NVidia & ATI when it comes to connecting your nice new HDTV via HDMI. It's easier than you think, and by far the best quality you can obtain. Nothing like seeing Media Center software on a nice 50" Plasma in pure high definition…*drool*

Because HDTV resolutions
are greater than the TV’s native resolution, the desktop image isn’t
very clear. When using the nVidia Control Panel this isn’t much of a
problem because the images are large, there’s not much detail on each
screen, and all the components are well laid out. With Catalyst Control
Center, there’s a huge amount of information to sift through, and when
the image isn’t particularly crisp it makes life much harder.

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