Comects Neptune 3×1 HDMI Switcher and SL (Flat) HDMI Cable

Looking for a HDMI switcher or a flat HDMI cable? Well you are in luck! Secrets kills tow birds with one stone with their review of a Comects switcher and SL HDMI cable. They get good marks from the reviewer and are relatively inexpensive to boot. 

From the article:

The only thing missing on
the Neptune is a Toslink optical out so that one could switch several
HDMI sources to deliver HDMI video to a projector, but use the Toslink
optical out from the Neptune to deliver 5.1 digital audio to a receiver
that does not have HDMI in. But, it won't be long  before HDMI is
on every source, every SSP, every receiver, and every digital TV
display. In fact, I would think next year's crop of receivers could just
eliminate composite video and S-Video connections, and put HDMI and
component video jacks in their place, along with more Toslink optical
jacks. And, even if you have an SSP or receiver with HDMI inputs, there
might not be
enough inputs, so a switcher like the Neptune could
come in very handy