Continuing on with our display device coverage is ultimate AV's review of JVC's HD-61FN97 HD-ILA 1080p. This years model is finally able to accept 1080p sources in its HDMI inputs. The whole 1080p fiasco of the last couple of years seems to becoming to a halt, thank goodness. You can expect all your goodies and connections that are present in other quality TVs plus the added bonus of IEEE 1394.

From the article:

A smooth, detailed, noise-free picture was one of the best attributes
of last year's JVC 1080p RPTVs. Some of this was undoubtedly due to the
5th generation GENESSA picture processing, which is retained. Also
retained are five-point color management and four noise reduction
circuits. You'll also still find the V1 Smart Input, which could be
incredibly useful if your surround receiv
er does your video switching
and outputs S-video and Component video separately. This set will
detect which input is hot and switch between them automatically.