First Look: MyTVPal Player Streams HDTV over IP

I think this is more a proof of concept than an actual money maker. Not many people have enough upstream bandwidth to even make this practical. I personally have problems streaming through orb via DSL and that's horrible quality. But ya gotta love the potential when everyone has FIOS 😉 Matrixstream 1080p IPTV streaming has made it to the next […]

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(Real?) Windows Vista Media Center remote


And the world breathes a sigh of relief to know that Microsoft hasn't completely lost their mind. If you recall, we (and about every HTPC website) posted pictures of a horribly ugly remote back at Digital Life, and some thought that would be the Vista remote spec. Luckily, it wasn't true, and Long Zheng posts what he believes is the […]

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MPAA Lobbying for Home Theater Regulations

I for one welcome our new electronic overlords. I am here to serve the all mighty MPAA. My fee is in the mail and I included an extra 20 for lawyers to sue the people who do not worship our true masters. I have taken several corrective actions to come in line with what is expected of us. Here are a few […]

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TVersity now transcodes WMV to Xbox360


TVersity is a media server application designed to work with a number of devices such as PSP or Xbox360, and their latest release allows for on the fly transcoding of WMV files to your XBox 360. On the fly transcoding to WMV for the Xbox 360 Xbox 360 users can now play their entire media library with no need for […]

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Optoma introduces its first video enhancement processor

Already very well known for its projectors, Optoma has released the ThemeScene HD3000 video processor and switcher. The gennum VXP technology will just about do it all including scaling, edge management, bad edit correction and much much more. From the article: Optoma describes the HD3000 as being 'specifically designed to enhance the image quality of all digital projectors, digital TVs, […]

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HD Rollout Begins in San Antonio

Those lucky folks in San Antonio just got 30 HD channels added to their AT&T IPTV lineup. As of yesterday they can now get some hot turkey cooking action in HD. Where is the advantage over cable TV at this point? I though IPTV would roll out a host of other services to make cable and sat providers scream bloody […]

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SVS SB12-Plus Subwoofer

We are top heavy with speaker reviews today, I hope you guys don't mind. I am planning a home theater build and I am doing quite a bit of speaker research these days. SVS is well regarded as one of the best bang for your buck sub woofers on the market. The sub in question is the SVS SB12-Plus which […]

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TDK’s Two-Channel Surround System

Another new surround sound technology from two speakers is set to hit the streets. The technical explanation of how it works is a little beyond my scope of expertise. Perhaps I can get John to interpret this: The TDK system employs a “giant magnetostrictive material” that uses; you guessed it ferromagnetic materials, to convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy to […]

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Auditioning Components

They key to being happy with any HT purchase is to audition, audition, audition, audition. You want your ears or eyes to be satisfied with your purchase. makes an excellent point when shopping, be sure to bring your own material. I can't imagine a salesman not allowing you too put in your copy of Loud And Funky by Barney. […]

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