TVersity now transcodes WMV to Xbox360


TVersity is a media server application designed to work with a number of devices such as PSP or Xbox360, and their latest release allows for on the fly transcoding of WMV files to your XBox 360.

On the fly transcoding to WMV for the Xbox 360

  • Xbox 360 users can now play their entire media library with no need for MCE.
  • Users of other devices that can play WMV can use this target format
    as an alternative to MPEG. While this will require faster machines to
    achieve the same quality, it allow for a higher quality per bitrate
    meaning that a slower home network can be used. This is important
    mainly for HD content streamed over wireless connections.
  • Upconversion of videos to WMV HD can be done (on a fast machine) by tweaking the minVideoInfo in config.xml.
  • It is highly recommended to upgrade to Windows Media Player 11 as
    it includes more recent and more stable encoders, this is especially
    important if you experience crashes in qasf.dll.

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