HomeSeer Releases Second Generation Microsoft Media Center Interface


HomeSeer Releases Second Generation Microsoft Media Center Interface Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of its second generation Windows Media Center interface. The interface is designed to allow users to monitor and control their HomeSeer-automated homes through Media Center. The new interface includes updated graphics and improved performance and was re-written in .NET for greater compatibility with HomeSeer’s […]

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I Lost My Remote!!!!


We have a winner!!!! The contest is now closed. That was way to quick 😉 As I mentioned last week, I lost my remote and now I need someone to find it!!! Somewhere in the website is my Harmony 880 remote!!!! All you have to do is find the picture below somewhere in the website (besides this article of course). The […]

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Blu-ray disc drive prices to be halved by 2008?

Sony is predicting that BR prices will drop by 50% by 2008. Currently the tight supply and low adoption rate is keeping prices up. AS we move along into 2007, the every positiver Sony is expecting manufacturing to pick up as other vendors pick up on Blu-ray technology. Another million or two PS3s certainly won't hurt anything. Expensive divided by […]

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Panasonic PT-AX100U

With a street price of $2k the AX100U lies somewhere between the ultra budget projectors and the higher end price tags. However, its feature set makes it obvious that you getting a great deal. With the Dynamic Iris, you can expect a 6,000:1 contrast ration and a brightness of 13.0 to 60.4 fr-lamberts depending on the mode you use. This […]

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Complaints over Comcast PVRs roll in

Those PVRWire Guys are a great resource for PVR and DVR news, they seem to have the scoop on everything TiVo and PVR:). Their latest scoop is coverage of Comcast's less then stellar PVR. Head on over to the article and find out why Comcast is wishing they owned TiVo. From the article: Apparently John Batelle isn't the only person […]

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High Def DVD Reviews

High-Def Digest has a couple of reviews up of HD DVDs.  First up is their review of The Wild which is Disney's first H.264 encoded movie. From the article: 'The Wild' comes to Blu-ray in a 1.85:1 widescreen, 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 video transfer, and the results are rather lovely. This certainly is one of the best-looking animated films I've seen yet […]

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