I Lost My Remote!!!!


We have a winner!!!! The contest is now closed. That was way to quick 😉

As I mentioned last week, I lost my remote and now I need someone to find it!!! Somewhere in the website is my Harmony 880 remote!!!! All you have to do is find the picture below somewhere in the website (besides this article of course). The first person to post a screenshot  in this thread will get 25 US dollars via paypal or a $25 gift certificate to Target or Best Buy (US only for the gift certificate).











1. Contest ends when someone finds the remote.

2. You find the remote by posting a screenshot in the proper forum thread.

3. This news posting (or the forum thread) does not count as finding the remote. Posting a screenshot of it will get you a "special" title.

4. Prize is $25 US dollars via paypal or a $25 gift card to Best Buy or Target (US only for gift card)

5. Gift Card is mailed via USPS within one week of winning

6. The remote you are trying to locate is the same picture shown above somewhere ELSE on the website.