I have lost my remote


Ack, I have last my remote! Its been happening a lot more frequently these days and I expect this unfortunate event to keep happening. I was wondering if you guys could help me out a little this coming Monday. Somewhere in missingremote.com you will be able to find my remote (or at least a picture of one). However, there is […]

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Embedded Automation Unveils mControl v2 for Microsoft Vista

Today, at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) Fall 2006 trade show, Embedded Automation announced its upcoming release of mControl v2 (Home Edition) for Windows Vista. mControl is software for controlling the “digital home” and supports leading home management technologies like Z-Wave and INSTEON. The new release will be previewed within the Windows Media Center Pavilion at EHX (Booth #1317F). In […]

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DLP RPTV half as costly as LCD/PDP for 52-inch TVs

Some pretty cool pricing comparisons if you're curious as to why those companies are trying to take so much of your hard earned cash for those gorgeous displays. The material costs for a 1080p 52-inch DLP (digital light processing) rear-projection TV (RPTV) are about US$807.52, nearly half of that from a 1080p 52-inch LCD TV and a PDP (plasma display […]

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Pioneer PDP-5070HD

Not the cheapest display on the market, but these guys still seem to like it. They also offer a 1080p version in the Elite version of it. Pioneer’s 7th generation plasma, the PDP-5070HD makes strides over last years offering, the 5060HD with improved black levels and color decoding. Pioneer has also ditched their media box receiver in favor of an […]

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UK HD DVD launch delayed

Boy, the Blu Ray & HD-DVD guys sure do try to shoot themselves in the foot as much as possible now don't they? This time in the UK, with some not-so-cheerful news.  Toshiba’s launch of HD DVD in the UK has been delayed. Its entry-level HD-E1 model is now not expected to ship until mid December, a month later than […]

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Creston Adagio Media System : takes on video

Yowsa, Creston has a big bad boy of a multi-room A/V distribution system. The Adagio Media system pretty much does it all including surround processing, video switching and processing, sat radio support and much much much more. Out of the box it has support for 4 to 6 rooms and you can additional equiment to expand that up to 24 […]

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Avocent Point-to-Multipoint Wireless HDMI


I will follow this article with a bit more about wireless the wireless HDMI specification sometime tomorrow (check the comments). In the mean time, check out CE Pro's coverage of one of the first multi-cast wireless (and wired) HD distribution system from Avocent. You stream content to 8 devices if need be and it supports 72p/1080i, music and control data. […]

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