Hands-on with TiVo’s new “TiVoCast” and PC-to-TiVo functions

Engadget gets their hands on the newest TiVo features, which not being a TiVo user, I gotta say look very cool. Think of it like Transcode360 for your TiVo. Very neat…too bad they just mentioned they're going to be raising prices again. :-/

What we found much more exciting was the new PC-to-TiVo functionality
being rolled out the TiVo Desktop Plus 2.4. We've got a full
walkthrough after the break, but the basic gist is that you can take
pretty much any video file and shoot it on over to your TiVo with
little hassle. You just set TiVo Desktop to watch a particular folder,
and when you place files in there they get automatically transcoded
over to TiVo's format and become available to your TiVo over the
network. Keep reading for the lowdown.

Read the rest & check out the pictures here