TiVo Broadband to see some Improvements

Some good news for you TiVo owners, as they're making some changes to their software which will allow you to view non-copyrighted video on your TiVos, as well as make it easy to share video you make with other TiVo users. Shame that movies you download still won't be able to be streamed, but this is another step for TiVo […]

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Search engine for PC DVR

I think it's great to see the people behind the products we use just show how true fans they are of what they're doing. It definitely instills confidence within customers & improves the relationship of the community. So, if you're in the market for a new PVR & doing some research, check this out.  So this weekend, as an experiment, […]

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Continuing on with our display device coverage is ultimate AV's review of JVC's HD-61FN97 HD-ILA 1080p. This years model is finally able to accept 1080p sources in its HDMI inputs. The whole 1080p fiasco of the last couple of years seems to becoming to a halt, thank goodness. You can expect all your goodies and connections that are present in […]

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A Tale of Two Consoles

Given the media capabilities of the PS3 and the fun factor of the Wii, I should at least spend a little time posting news about whats going on in the console wars. Ignoring the over hype and nonsense of late, Sci-fi gets some hands on action with the Wii and PS3. Whats the verdict? Same ole same ole… PS3 is […]

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Samsung – HL-S6187W 61-Inch DLP HDTV

AudioVideo Revolution sets the stage nicely for the purchase of a new 1080p HDTV. They paint a picture of affordability for the size and feature set. They also touch on the fact that not all rooms are well suited from front projector life. Getting to the display device at hand, the HL-S6187W retails for $2999 and has a bevy of […]

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Cinemateq : HDMI via optical cable

Tongue Out

For those needing to do those 100m HDMI runs, there is a solution now for you. Yes, the mansion is big, and yes I do . Cinemateq has come up with a optical HDMI cable with an external power supply that can transmit the signal up to 100 m. However, if the signal reaches over 100 m it is rumoured […]

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Monster releases HDTV calibration DVD

Monster, best known for their retail marketing prowess" have jumped onto the HDTV calibration scene. In conjunction with the ISF, Monster has devloped a "wizard style calibration DVD for you to balance black levels and colors. No word yet on how it compares to the other well known calibration discs out there. From the article: “This is the one DVD […]

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TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder


Sound And Vision has a relatively unknown company's product on their test bench. Oddly named "TiVo", with a capital V, it sports quite a few features that may make this HD DVR a front runner in the PVR race.  From the article: The TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder contains slots for two CableCARDs, which you can lease from your […]

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