Cinemateq : HDMI via optical cable

Tongue Out

For those needing to do those 100m HDMI runs, there is a solution now for you. Yes, the mansion is big, and yes I do . Cinemateq has come up with a optical HDMI cable with an external power supply that can transmit the signal up to 100 m. However, if the signal reaches over 100 m it is rumoured to fall off the edge of the home theater rack. The questions is…. Do I need oxygen free light for maximum signal stability?

From the article:

  • External power supply for 100% transmission quality
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Maximal transmission quality, which is also appreciated in medical
  • DDC signal and 5V control voltage are also
  • Absolute oss-free transmission of the data signal (RGB
    & clock) and complete HDCP
  • Unsusceptible to electromagnetic disturbances
  • Cable length from 10m to 100m.