Anatomy of the Silent Fan

If you've ever tried building a media center in your living room, (or anywhere else if you have a significant other who always seems to have super-sensitive hearing), then I'm sure you've tried all you could to make sure your HTPC is as silent as possible. SilentPCReview is a great source for info, and they go in-depth as to what […]

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Term of the Week – Dynamic Compression

Keeping with our back to basics type articles, teaches us about dynamic compression! From the article: In other words, if you find that the explosions or other loud parts are too loud and things such as dialog is too soft, by changing the dynamic compression setting, you can make it so the sounds of the explosions are not quite […]

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Cambridge Audio Azur 640R Receiver


Sound & Vision has a quick blurb about an upcoming receiver from Cambridge Audio. Its worth it to check out the article to see the specs, it has some fairly impressive specs for its $1400 price tag. From the article: WEIGHT MATTERS At 33 pounds, the 640R has the heft you'd expect from a high-end component, thanks in part to […]

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Samsung swaps bulb for LEDs

Bulbs? I don't need no stinkin' bulbs. Especially bulbs with short lives and long TV boot up times. LEDs are promised to be the next big thing, well that and lasers. It remains to be seen how the new sets will be judged by the videophiles but if it comes close to performance and offers a longer life I am […]

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HAWKING TECHNOLOGIES JOINS THE Z-WAVE ALLIANCE AND PLANS TO USE Z-WAVE TECHNOLOGY IN FUTURE PRODUCTS IRVINE, CA – November 14, 2006 – Hawking Technologies, a leading developer of innovative wireless networking solutions for the home, workgroup and corporate users, announced today that it has joined the Z-Wave Alliance and plans to use Z-Wave technology in it’s upcoming products. Zensys, the […]

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