Contest Winner!!!

We have a winner!! jennyfur! Come on down, you have 72 hours to contact me via email, pm, or pony express!!! Of course, you have to take pictures of your goodies once you get them!!! Please include your shipping information in your email. Thanks to all who entered, I consider it a pretty dang good success considering this site is less […]

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DivX 6.4 Adds 1920×1080 HD Video & More

EHomeUpgrade points out that DivX just announced their latest 6.4 codec, with some nice improvements. Check em out. DixX 6.4 Codec Highlights: Compress digital video 5 to 10 times more than MPEG-2/DVD format and hundreds of times over raw digital video Encode high-definition (HD) video at resolutions up to 1080p or 1080i Maximized performance for all HyperThreaded, dual core and […]

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Canton Speaker Set Review


Filling your Home Theater with these speakers will no doubt require a favour or two to your significant other, but the 5 piece Ergo series from Canton may win you something else later on;). If nothing else, a fantastic case is made in this review to have floor standing speakers as your left and right main. From the article:   Brian […]

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JL Audio Fathom f112 Subwoofer


Ahh It must be my lucky day to catch a few speaker reviews on the net. Courtesy of Sound& Vision, this next review takes a look at the ins and outs (no pun intended) of the JL Audio Fathom f112. Weighing in at $2400 the Sound & Vision crew find nothing wrong with this 12 inch bad boy except a […]

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B&W CM1 Loudspeaker Review

Audioholics think pretty highly of the B&W CM1 loudspeakers they took a look at a few days ago. They start out their article with an interesting section on B&W's history and end with a good explanation of what the kevlar cone does to the acoustic reproduction from the speaker. From the article: I listened to the CM1’s with my PS […]

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Sony KDS-60A2000 SXRD HDTV

Home Theater Mag has a quick review of Sony's next generation SXRD 1080p TV. Right of the bat you notice that this TV comes in a few hundred dollars cheaper then the previous gen and finally has proper 1080p support. I have to say, that will a little fiddling Sony TV's are typically my favorite picture. All the usual features, […]

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Aurora Multimedia Launches Dynamic Button Controller


Spotted at Engadget, Aurora has released a Dynamic Button Controller. It takes a Logitech Harmony approach to the its control and will dynamically change its button set depending on what button you pressed before. A quick example would be if you pressed DVD,  play pause and all of those good buttons would show up.  Below is a snapshot of the […]

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EPSON PowerLite Home Cinema 400

EPSON's Powerlite 400 lives up to its name with 1500 ANSI lumen output, which should be enough for rooms with moderate amounts of ambient light. For $1500 you wouldn't expect a 1080p projector and this case you would be right. However, it appears that that money will be well spent on features like 5,000:1 contrast ration, trio of HD hookups, […]

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Recent Blu-ray and HD DVD Titles

blue ray logo

Engadget HD has the scoop on the latest releases from both high def DVD camps. Its hard to say, but I think I would rather watch the HD DVD collection that was released today as opposed to the Blu-ray ones. From the article:   Blu-ray Mission: Impossible – Ultimate Missions Collection (Paramount)  Mission: Impossible III (Paramount) The Phantom of the […]

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