EPSON PowerLite Home Cinema 400

EPSON's Powerlite 400 lives up to its name with 1500 ANSI lumen output, which should be enough for rooms with moderate amounts of ambient light. For $1500 you wouldn't expect a 1080p projector and this case you would be right. However, it appears that that money will be well spent on features like 5,000:1 contrast ration, trio of HD hookups, In the end, it falls a bit short due to its color accuracy.

From the article:

Cinema 400 really shines when it comes to the display of video games
due to its high brightness and deep color saturation. It performs
equally well with dark games like Splinter Cell where one spends 99% of the time in the shadows, or bright, colorful games like Halo.
No matter what type of gaming material was being played, the Cinema 400
delivered a bright, three-dimensional image that lent a great deal of
excitement to the gaming experience.