B&W CM1 Loudspeaker Review

Audioholics think pretty highly of the B&W CM1 loudspeakers they took a look at a few days ago. They start out their article with an interesting section on B&W's history and end with a good explanation of what the kevlar cone does to the acoustic reproduction from the speaker.

From the article:

I listened to the CM1’s with my PS Audio stereo setup and my Rotel A/V
receiver in two-channel mode utilizing bass management and subwoofers. 
Not surprising, the CM1’s were most at ease when not asked to play low
bass that was physically beyond the performance range of these small
speakers.  With 4 x 6800mF 63V and 2 x 470 mF 80V output capacitors per
channel, the PS Audio is capable of delivering whatever bass a
recording calls for and left the small mid/woofers jumping.  The CM1’s
did well to produce this bass to their frequency limits but larger
driver excursion invariably leads to distortion.  While they did not sound
obviously distressed, the sound was more relaxed with the subs and a 60
Hz crossover in place.  For full range sound, there is no getting
around that these are mini-monitor speakers, so with that in mind, I
did a majority of my listening on the Rotel with the crossover and subs.