Philips Drops Big 1080p TVs: 47-inch LCD and 63-inch Plasma

Phillips has introduced a couple of new TVs to market with sexy 1080p upgrades. I'll save you the model names, they look more like California license plat numbers then model numbers, however, I will give you a few of the features to look forward to. The 47" LCD and 60" plasma will have HDMI inputs, and the plasma will playback some types of media from a USB drive.

From the article:

We were giddy to hear Ambilight was getting the 1080p treatment, and we're likewise happy to hear that here are some bigger sets from Philips packing the same 1920 by 1080 pixel count. The new 47-inch LCD and 63-inch plasma both rock Philips Pixel Plus generation 3 tech, upgraded to 3HD spec. I have no idea what that means, but I know that Pixel Plus "makes shit look good." It smoothes out the picture, removing noise and artifacts. Sounds like it would make things blurry, but no, I like it.