Samsung – HL-S6187W 61-Inch DLP HDTV

AudioVideo Revolution sets the stage nicely for the purchase of a new 1080p HDTV. They paint a picture of affordability for the size and feature set. They also touch on the fact that not all rooms are well suited from front projector life. Getting to the display device at hand, the HL-S6187W retails for $2999 and has a bevy of beautiful features such as dual 1080p HDMI inputs, an HD tuner, VGA connector, and a photo viewer interface for a USB drive. I couldn't find talk of the internal bits, I would think you would have to head on over to Samsung's website or an owner's thread on avs for more juicy details.

From the article:

With my Denon player, I cued up my calibration disc of choice, Digital Video
Essentials. I found the Samsung's menus to be nicely designed and informative,
though some of the more critical controls are buried within a barrage of sub
menus making calibration a bit tedious. It's important to point out that, while
I was able to ultimately achieve a rather stellar image, the Samsung's picture
controls seem to affect one another more than most, which made the whole process
take a little longer than expected. Yet, in less than two hours, I was ready to
rock and roll.