A Tale of Two Consoles

Given the media capabilities of the PS3 and the fun factor of the Wii, I should at least spend a little time posting news about whats going on in the console wars. Ignoring the over hype and nonsense of late, Sci-fi gets some hands on action with the Wii and PS3. Whats the verdict? Same ole same ole… PS3 is great but expensive.. Wii is fun but doesn't have a lot of the extras the other two have.

From the article:

The boys at Sony had said this round of the console war wasn't going to start
until they said so. Well, they've spoken. They've come out with a powerful but
very expensive console. And they're facing shortages at retail. That could give
the holiday season to Microsoft, but time will tell whether Sony has played
their best cards too early.

Last week the HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 arrived, and the system's big
holiday game,
Gears of War, has also made its debut. This one-two punch
seems to have taken a bit of steam out of the Sony juggernaut. But we won't rule
out Nintendo. Every time it looks like Mario has met his match, he manages to
come back one more time!