Creston Adagio Media System : takes on video

Yowsa, Creston has a big bad boy of a multi-room A/V distribution system. The Adagio Media system pretty much does it all including surround processing, video switching and processing, sat radio support and much much much more. Out of the box it has support for 4 to 6 rooms and you can additional equiment to expand that up to 24 rooms! 

From the article:

It’s comparable to the AES insofar as it keeps the main
features but now includes video too. In addition to surround sound in the home
theater, the AMS-AIP also distributes stereo audio to
feed several pairs of remote room speakers. The integrated multi-room
. A fifth stereo room, or up to 2 mono rooms, can be supported
using spare surround channels if the theater is configured as 6.1,
, or lower. And without requiring any programming, the AMS-AIP can easily be expanded to support another six rooms by
adding an AAE Audio Expander. In fact, a total of three
AAE's may be added, with simple setup afforded using Crestron Adagio Composer
software, supporting up to 24 rooms in all (plus the theater). delivers a robust 45 watts per channel to each of