Avocent Point-to-Multipoint Wireless HDMI


I will follow this article with a bit more about wireless the wireless HDMI specification sometime tomorrow (check the comments). In the mean time, check out CE Pro's coverage of one of the first multi-cast wireless (and wired) HD distribution system from Avocent. You stream content to 8 devices if need be and it supports 72p/1080i, music and control data.

From the article:

Nelson adds that the Avocent product can do 2,000 feet over Cat 5. "Our
system is designed to handle lots of different situations. It's actually a video
and audio distribution system to be able to centralize content distributed
throughout a house or retail store," he says.

The Avocent MPX1000 is slated to ship by the end of November, according to
Nelson. While pricing will vary by system he estimates that a basic
point-to-point system will be "about $2,400 list."