I have lost my remote


Ack, I have last my remote! Its been happening a lot more frequently these days and I expect this unfortunate event to keep happening. I was wondering if you guys could help me out a little this coming Monday. Somewhere in missingremote.com you will be able to find my remote (or at least a picture of one).

However, there is no good TV on until Monday, so don't bother searching until 9:00 am PST. I repeat, do not bother looking for my remote until Monday morning 9:00 am PST. The remote could be anywhere on the site and all you will have to do is post a screen shot in a forum thread letting me know you found it. The first person to find it will receive $25 via paypal or a $25 gift card to Target or Best Buy. Happy Hunting on Monday!


I also wanted to take this chance to let you guys know about a new feature we have. We will be providing additional information and resources for a few news stories on a daily basis. You are able to tell which news stories have the additional information by seeing if there are comments on the news stories and at the end of each day we will provide a roundup of the stories we added the extra information too. The extra information will come in the form of links to additional reviews, informative articles and definitions of certain terms.