The Vizio P50HDTV: A Quality 50″ Plasma for under $2,000


I can't think of any other display company that's made a name for themselves as fast or as positive as Vizio has. I remember my college buddy got one a few years back and I laughed at him. Well, I was very wrong, as Vizio has proven to be a reliable & affordable way to get 1 (or 10) plasmas in your house. 

The Vizio P50HDTV has a lot of good qualities compared to other 50"
HDTVs. Like all Vizio displays, it has a very pleasing look and feel
that would look good in just about any type of room. Contrast and color
performance is top-notch and comparable to industry-leading plasma
displays. Color accuracy is very good with very little adjustment
needed. However, there is a considerable amount of video noise and
false contouring, especially if you prefer to sit closer than 10 feet

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