Amazon Announces Streaming Media Deal with Viacom

Amazon and Viacom Confirmed

Yesterday there were reports that Amazon and Viacom were close to announcing a deal that would bring Viacom content to Prime Instant Video. Today there is an official announcement. The deal appears to be limited to Viacom-owned TV shows that are part of the Viacom Media Networks. Evidently adding Viacom-owned movies will require a separate deal with Paramount Pictures Corp. […]

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2.1 M Streamed Superbowl

2.1 Million Viewers Watch Superbowl Online

Just like its TV counterpart the online version of this years Superbowl set records for viewership with 2.1 million unique views. This figure makes this years Superbowl the most-watched single-game sporting event online besting totals for previous events such as the 2010 world cup, 2010 Olympics and the Annual NCAA basketball tournament. While this was a great turnout it is still a […]

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A.C. Ryan Veolo Reviewed

A.C. Ryan Veolo

The A.C. Ryan Veolo is an Android 2.2-based media streamer. It supports the usual range of formats and offers the option of accessing the entire Android Marketplace, placing a wealth of media content options, games, and other services on the big screen. The A.C. Ryan Veolo’s implementation of Android is pretty barebones and this review does point out that controlling […]

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Alienware X51 Reviewed

Alienware X51

When Dell announced the Alienware X51 small form factor gaming PC, the design immediately drew comparisons to modern game consoles. Certainly it would be easy to imagine sliding the X51 onto a shelf in the component cabinet, perhaps even right between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Given that Microsoft and Sony seem more interested in their consoles as media […]

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Fractal Design Core 1000 MicroATX HTPC


In our previous looks at Fractal Design (the Define R3 ATX chassis, the Define Mini Micro-ATX Chassis, and just recently the Core 3000) cases they have demonstrated a favor for solid, stylish chassis that consistently deliver without the flashing lights and other “bling” often found on other enclosures that offer the same space and flexibility. As we have seen, there […]

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Arctic Announces AMD Trinity Based SFF HTPC


With AMD’s Trinity APU/IPG coming in the near future it is great to see what OEMs are planning to do with the part. No word on price or timing, but Arctic has released a picture and some [subject to change without notice] specs for their next generation small form factor (SFF) HTPC built on the CPU/GPU combo. I think it […]

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Lilyhammer – I Hope This Is The Future


Netflix has provided over the top (OTT) video streaming via its “Watch Instantly” service for quite sometime, but until yesterday there was little to fundamentally differentiate that service (besides convenience, and the need for high-speed Internet) from a trip to the video store or the mailbox. Introducing original programming changed that – moving the company in a more interesting, welcome, […]

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Intel Looking to Atom and Tizen for Smart TVs


The first generation Google TVs were Intel-powered, and if those original Google TV devices had been the runaway successes that Google had hoped, then Intel today would have a pretty big foot in the door of the smart TV market. Instead, the general consensus is that Google TV v1.0 flopped, sending Google back to the drawing board for v2.0, and […]

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