ZOTAC ZBOX AD04 Plus Reviewed


ZOTAC got the ball rolling early at CES this year by announcing their 2012 lineup of ZBOX PCs and barebones. The ZBOX systems are extremely compact mini-PCs, well-suited to use as HTPCs. Indeed, the ZBOX AD04 Plus reviewed here even comes with a WMC-compatible remote control and a bracket for mounting the system to the back of a monitor or […]

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Sony Discontinues Google TV-Powered TVs

Sony Google TV Discontinued

Sony was one of the original Google TV launch partners, and based on what we saw at CES, Sony is planning on sticking around to see how Google TV 2.o pans out, just not with an actual TV. Sony had 3 TV models powered by Google TV, but it would seem that they have been discontinued. Sony has not officially […]

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Enable VLC to Playback Encrypted Blu-Ray

VLC and Blu-ray

VLC is a popular media player among HTPC enthusiasts due, in no large part, to its support for a wide range of file formats. Many folks were attracted to VLC early on because it was one of the first open source media players to support encrypted DVD playback. Recent updates to VLC and a VideoLAN Organization project called libaacs have […]

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Lian Li PC-90 HPTX Chassis


Whether you are building a gaming rig, a general purpose desktop, a home server, or even a home theater PC (HTPC), the case you choose will vary greatly depending on your personal needs and taste. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the Lian Li PC-90 full tower desktop case. While this may not be the HTPC case for […]

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SilverStone SST-GD06B HTPC Case Reviewed

SilverStone has been in the HTPC case design business for a long time now.  They make some very nice cases that are used by many in the community.  Recently, the folks over at Benchmark Reviews got their hands on the SST-GD06B which we recently reviewed as well.  Depending on your needs, this may be a case to consider looking at. […]

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Boxee Release Version 1.5

I saw the new UI that comes with 1.5 while at CES and found it to be a big improvement over previous revs. Besides that, the biggest feature “get” is probably support for live ATSC via the optional dongle, but those still having issues with HBR audio will have to wait however. Full release notes on the click… Boxee Box […]

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MythTV 0.24.2 Now Available

It looks like I’m behind the times again.  Over the weekend the MythTV project has released version 0.24.2.  This release is mainly a backport of bug fixes that will be added into 0.25 once it is released.  This release is not meant to provide any new major features.  You still need to wait for 0.25 for that.  However, if you […]

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Dave Cutler, Lead Engineer for Windows NT, Working on Xbox

Dave Cutler

The launch of Windows 95 was a big deal for Microsoft. They licensed the Rolling Stone’s “Start Me Up” for the commercials, had computer stores hosting midnight launches, and generally whipped up the kind of frenzy that only Call of Duty can muster in the software aisles these days. I, however, was dissatisfied. I wanted Windows NT. I wanted the […]

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