MythTV 0.24.2 Now Available

It looks like I’m behind the times again.  Over the weekend the MythTV project has released version 0.24.2.  This release is mainly a backport of bug fixes that will be added into 0.25 once it is released.  This release is not meant to provide any new major features.  You still need to wait for 0.25 for that.  However, if you have run into any stability problems or anything, this is an update that you’ll probably want.

If you are interested in how my 0.24.1 installation of MythTV went, please check out my blog entries.

0.24.2, the second release from the stable branch is now available. For a list of fixes made since 0.24.2 see the Release Notes.


  • On a side note, I’ve been

    On a side note, I’ve been running 0.24.1 for two months now I think and I have not had any problems with stability.