VideoLAN Unleashes VLC 2.0 Release Candidate for PCs, Android and iOS Coming Soon

VLC 2.0

VLC is the Swiss Army knife of media players, capable of playing just about every format one can think of. It has even added the ability to play unencrypted Blu-ray movies, but that bit of functionality had been limited to those intrepid souls who were willing to run the VLC nightly builds. For those not interested in nightly builds, fear not, for VideoLAN has announced that the first release candidate for VLC 2.0 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Mac version is evidently getting the most obvious overhaul with a completely redesigned UI, but it will not come with the experimental Blu-ray support. Linux and Windows updates will be primarily under the hood. VideoLAN is reportedly also prepping versions of VLC 2.0 for Android and iOS. The decision to bring VLC 2.0 to iOS is somewhat surprising given the difficulties that arose the last time VideoLAN submitted a VLC app, but hopefully this time the VLC team has their GPL ducks in a row.

VideoLAN has announced VLC 2.0 and the first release candidate is available to the public today. The biggest changes are in the OS X version but there are a few interesting changes in the Windows version as well, such as a 64-bit version and support for multiple video files inside RAR archives.