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There are some of us heading to CES from MissingRemote. Follow us on our twitter account for live updating if we get signal.

Follow Andrew Van Til @babgvant, Kyle Button @TechButton, Mike Garcen @mikegarcen, or Mikinho @mikinho on twitter for CES updates. We will be updating throughout the week at CES.

You can post questions here or request and we will try to get to a booth for you.

We are also going to do some articles and news on the homepage through the week. Stay tuned.

  • Have fun.  I’m very

    Have fun.  I’m very interested to see what Microsoft has planned for the Xbox and Win 8 tablets (as well as media center).

  • I’m interested in plasma TVs

    I’m interested in plasma TVs and the new LG line-up in particular. I’d like to know if you can get an LG plasma with google tv and widi support.


    Also, any information on high resolution quad-core tablets but it’s a bit off-topic for missingremote. 🙂

  • hope you guys aren’t getting

    hope you guys aren’t getting tired of all our tweets. It’ll continue tomorrow!

    btw, don’t forget you can also follow @missingremote and we’ll be retweeting some cool stuff throughout the week

  • The Tweets are pretty good. 

    The Tweets are pretty good.  TechButton’s post on ‘LG has a 2 player mode for gaming.each gamet gets a full screen on multiplayer.’ sounds pretty cool.  I’m assuming it’s passive glasses with each pair having both lenses the same.  I hope they backward post this function into last years models, I’d love to have it on my system.

    edit:  Actually thinking about it, I don’t even need a firmware update to do this.  I just need the new glasses.  I can set my TV to 3D mode, over/under, set separation to zero; and it’ll do exactly what they’re displaying.

  • You guys get a bunch of good

    You guys get a bunch of good swag to test out and put up reviews on?

    • Yes.Pro:SoftComes with


      Dish Hopper


      • Soft
      • Comes with Joey
      • Has a shirt


      • Joey is sewn into the pouch
      • Tips over under minimal pressure