iconBIT – CES 2012


One of the more frustrating things about the market for media streamers is how little file support has progressed over the last couple years. Of course that’s not all bad, because generally most things work and there’s still a lot of work to do on the UI but it was refreshing to see an actual HDMI 1.4 (yes, they are claiming 3D Blu-ray compatibility) from a couple of Realtek RTD1186DD based streamers from a company I’d never heard of before – iconBIT.

More interesting than that, they appear to be the only company one of a few companies (thanks Damian) actually shipping HDMI 1.4 capable streamers (Dune HD announced a product, but as we know it will be several months before they actually ship). We should be getting a review unit any day now, and assuming it lives up to the spec sheet I have a feeling more people will become familiar with this startup.

  • Hey Andy,
    There are already

    Hey Andy,

    There are already several 1186 players being shipped that handle 3D Blu-ray. Two in particular that I have and am testing is the HiMedia 900B and Xtreamer Prodigy. The Blu-ray 3D functionality is definitely a bit buggy though

    • Thanks Damian. I wasn’t aware

      Thanks Damian. I wasn’t aware that those streamers also have 3D support. I’ll definitely check them out. Hurry up with those reviews to make it easier for me 🙂

      • LOL. I have had the HiMedia

        LOL. I have had the HiMedia for I guess a few months now, been dragging my feet on that one since it is rather bare bones/buggy, but I will eventually get to it. The Prodigy is still in the box!!! I was really hoping to have an 8910 player soon but there is always 2013 Smile

        • Me too. If the 8910 ever

          Me too. If the 8910 ever ships (hopefully at a decent price point) we should finally see streamers with decent VPP, but for now I’ll take what I can get 🙂