Asus O!Play Mini Plus Reviewed

Asus OIPlay Mini Plus

Asus has been making their O!Play line of media streamers for a couple of years. We even reviewed one of the earlier models, the O!Play HDP-R1. The folks over at VR-Zone got the opportunity to put the O!Play Mini Plus through its paces. Asus has certainly joined Apple and Roku in working to slim down their media streamers, if not their remote control. I would have liked to have seen more of the UI in defferent scenarios to see how it has progressed.

So, why would you even need to consider the Mini Plus when you could just as easily accomplish the same by connecting a notebook or desktop computer to the LCD TV. Well, the same reason why Smart TV’s are the ‘In’ thing. The Smart TV’s built-in applications are instant-on with literally no shutdown time. Flick the switch and you are good to go.