Auto-minimize the WHS 2011 Launchpad


One of my biggest Windows Home Server 2011 pet peeves involves the new Launchpad software. It’s not that I don’t like the software. It does a good job of exposing the server’s functions and alert status. The problem is that there is no option to launch it minimized at startup, leaving it to constantly float around on my desktop. It’s especially annoying on my HTPC where it totally throws off my home theater feng shui. As minor an inconvenience as it may be, it is nice to know that someone was able to come up a solution, albeit a more complicated solution than it should be. 

The following How To Guide was submitted to WGS’ Tutorials section by forum user RedCat. Check out the Tutorial over at WGS Forums. If you find Windows Home Server 2011′s Launchpad pop-up annoying when you boot up your PC, this one’s for you!

We Got Served

  • My solution is to simply use

    My solution is to simply use the option to not start the software with Windows. I found that it kept my PCs from sleeping which was the primary reason I gave it the axe. I just don’t find the functionality of the Launchpad all that useful.

  • I just gave it the nuke right

    I just gave it the nuke right away using msconfig. That’s really bad that it keeps client’s from sleeping.  You have to wonder how they could ship with such an obvious design flaw and bug.  That said, I find WHS 2011 pretty good, although I end up with corrupt client backups every so often… always found on Sunday.

    • I think there was an open

      I think there was an open file or connection. I remember SRVNET being the service preventing sleep.

      I have had an excellent time with WHS 2011 otherwise.