Guide to Using Windows 8 as a Windows Home Server


I’ve been a Windows Home Server user and advocate since the product’s earliest inception. Like many WHS users, I was quite torn when Microsoft dropped Drive Extender from the WHS 2011 release, but ultimately switched over. As time has gone on, WHS 2011 has felt more and more like a regression of the product, not just because of the loss […]

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Auto-minimize the WHS 2011 Launchpad


One of my biggest Windows Home Server 2011 pet peeves involves the new Launchpad software. It’s not that I don’t like the software. It does a good job of exposing the server’s functions and alert status. The problem is that there is no option to launch it minimized at startup, leaving it to constantly float around on my desktop. It’s […]

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Update Rollup 1 for Windows Home Server 2011 Now Available


Word first got over the weekend that Microsoft was prepping the first Update Rollup for Windows Home Server 2011, and sure enough, it is now available. The update includes a number of bug fixes and one new feature. Unfortunately, the new feature is exceedingly minor. The “Getting Started” tasks on the Dashboard home page will now include a reminder to […]

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