Best Buy Offers Blu-ray Discounts With DVD Trade-ins

If you have a bunch of DVDs laying around and don’t want to sell them elsewhere, this actually sounds like a good deal. Just don’t try to remember how much you paid for these movies originally…unless it was via Colombia House, in which case I’m sure you saved a lot.

Consumers can bring up to five DVD titles per store visit for a total of $25 in discount vouchers. The $5 discount exceeds rebates typically offered via buy-sell-trade retailers such as Second Spin, Blockbuster and Amoeba Music, excluding box sets and complete TV series.


  • I figured this would be a

    I figured this would be a complete waste of time, but it seems there are a few decent titles I want that would be worth trading in some of my worthless DVDs for.

  • If they run a bluray on sale

    If they run a bluray on sale that you have on DVD for $10 ~ $12, which I have seen them do, it would definitely be worth it to bring the DVD in and get the bluray for $5 cheaper.  I wouldn’t pay $10 for a bluray that I already have on DVD, but I would pay $5 to replace it.

  • I went to Best Buy today and

    I went to Best Buy today and traded in a few DVDs. It was a pretty painless process. I picked out a few of the selected $10 BDs, went to the customer service counter where they gave me three $5 coupons and then checked out. Total was $15 + tax for three BDs and one even includes a free movie ticket.