Samsung’s LED TV Couple packs a 7-inch tablet remote for streaming TV and so much more

I wasn’t sure whether to put this news under Displays or Remotes, as it’s one big pile of AWESOME! Samsung is really cutting edge on this…something others have tried but that Samsung appears to have succeeded with. Pairing a portable LCD screen with its LED TV for a wherever-you-go experience. I know I’m not the only guy thinking about the multiple uses for this during football sundays!


Dubbed the LED TV Couple, Samsung has paired a 55-inch LED baclkit LCD TV with a brand new 7-inch touchscreen tablet, which communicates with and controls a full home theater over 802.11n WiFi. The tablet offers a visual program guide, including video previews of TV shows, along with access to media stored on a PC — which can in turn be “tossed” up to the full TV — and even a few widgets. But the real money is in the pair’s ability to stream live TV and Blu-ray content from the home theater to the tablet, making that next trip to the kitchen for munchies so much less painful.