Thermaltake DH-202 HTPC (Media PC) Chassis


Coincidences abound today, as we have two HTPC chassis that have been reviewed out there. This time it’s an offering from Thermaltake, and they have a pretty fancy one to counter the rather plain looking Silverstone. Of course, with those bells and whistles comes a rather hefty $250 price tag, but these guys like it.


TechWare Labs

If you were impressed with the exterior of the Thermaltake DH-202, the interior will not disappoint you. There is room for just about anything, from an aftermarket CPU Cooler, to a full-size video card. The interior is easy to work with, but possibly the most important, no sharp edges. You don’t have to worry about cutting up your hands when you put your rig into its’ elegant interior, which is always a good thing for those of us that do this often. As with any HTPC case, cable management is not high on the priority list f the DH-202. As much as we don’t like this, the purpose and size of this case doesn’t really allow for much to be done. The DH-202 is, after all, a media PC case designed to be looked at from the outside and not the inside. To this end Thermaltake decided to optimize space on the interior rather than provide tunnels for cable management. As a result there is ample room to hide wires and if you have a zip tie or two, you’re in business.