Popcorn Hour C-200 Review


Damian from MediaSmartServer.net got his grubby hands on one of the first C-200’s out there and took it for a test drive. Not surprisingly, the thing is pretty awesome, but the display is pretty useless. A tidbit he shares, the C-200 CAN bitstream high definition audio! Pretty impressive.



This is probably one of the first things people ask when they hear about a new media player being announced, does it play x format in x container at x fps… One thing that the PCH A-110 was known for was the ability to play back almost anything thrown at it. I am happy to report that the same goes with the C-200. I tested different file types from my collection (ranging from basic xvid avi files to high bitrate Blu Ray mkv/ts to 1080p Apple Trailers) and not once did I have a problem with playback. There are also some good HD clips that frequently get asked to be tested, so I got hold of some of them and tested out, all passed with flying colors.