Hands On: ZeeVee ZvPro 250 Media Streamer

The ZeeVee is the technology boxes that basically transmit the signal input into it outward via coaxial…basically your very own QAM signal that you can pick up from any room in the house. Definitely has it’s uses and could have potential in the CEDIA channel. I would expect a bit more thorough of a review on a $2500 piece of equipment, but it’s a start. One of the biggest changes btw…1080p support. Very nice.

CE Pro

ZeeVee says there’s no limit on the number of HDTVs that can receive content from a single ZvPro 250. Connected to a cable or satellite box, the ZvPro 250 makes the channels accessible from any TV connected to the venue’s coax network. If the box is also a DVR, the recorded content becomes accessible, too…Installing the ZvPro 250 is simple — barely worth mentioning considering that it takes about 1/100,000 the time it would take to retrofit a wired HD video distribution system — but it does require a professional, according to ZeeVee.